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    "Devotion" Votive Candle

    Crafted by hand in Chicago, Illinois

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    • When it came to pure devotion and appreciation for American soul music, few musicians packed more of a swaggeriffic punch than the powerhouse 1970s British band Faces. So kick back, close your eyes... and light it up to eleven.

      Everywhere you sing in everything,
      And I try by remembering
      All the things that you said to me,
      From within all you did for me
      Just one word

      ("Devotion" | Faces)

      Scent Notes: layers of dried black tea leaves steeped in lemongrass and balsam fir, blended with woodflower oil and drops of effervescent bergamot oil. Finished with deep green mossy accords.

      From Tatine's Dark, Wild + Deep Collection, a series of rock 'n' roll fragrances at once intense and rich. An ode to the night, and those who inhabit it. Whisky-soaked, moonlit, smoke and ash, fragrant with evening blooms and abandon.

      Perfect for gifting, and made from all-natural, GMO-free vegetable soy wax and cleaner, longer burning lead-free cotton wicks. Packaged in recycled frosted glass containers, and hand wrapped with eco-friendly FDC-certified paper printed & vegetable-based inks. 

      Founded in 2001 by Margo Breznik, Tatine Candles remains inspired by her deep passion for music and cherished evening ritual: come home, light a candle, and turn up her favorite bands. As entrancing sounds, songs and state of mind washes over her, creations rich in spirit begin their journey to add an intoxicating scent to any home.

      "Our scents are a product of a lot of thoughtful blending and experimenting until we get just the right fragrance. I won't put just anything out there until I feel it's unique and the best it can possibly be. It's a task I really enjoy."Margo Breznik/Folk Lifestyle Interview


      • Size: 2 oz.
      • Burn Time: 16 hours
      • Scent Notes: black tea, lemongrass, balsam fir, woodflower oil + bergamot oil
      • Made with all-natural GMO-free pure soy/vegetable wax blend & clean, long burning lead-free cotton wicks. Zero sulfates, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicones, EDTA, phthalates, formaldehyde or parabens
      • Hand-wrapped in recycled frosted soft grey glass
      • Responsibly + sustainably sourced; biodegradable
      • Made in USA


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      Tatine Candles | Chicago IL


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