Soul Sunday

"All-Nighter" | Aromatherapy Roller

Blended by hand in Boston, Massachusetts

      • For those days when you're working late (again) or your flight is delayed (again), here's the perfect oil to help stimulate and rejuvenate your weary brain. Cooling, comforting and refreshingly minty, this basil blend also helps ward off migraines and increase focus.

        Apply a quick dash to the temples and third eye... inhale. Also makes a perfect gift to a friend or loved one in need of a little pick-me-up.

        • Ingredients: Coconut oil, essential oil blend
        • 100% natural + vegan; contains no parabens, dyes or sulfates
        • 1/3 oz. glass vial
        • Made in USA
        "We have a really organic process, follow our intuition and push ourselves to stay true to our mission. We love using a natural feeling color pallet that reflects both the colors in nature as well as the natural ingredients we use in our products." Co-Owners Shea Hardiman + Kara Kochalko
      • Learn more about Soul Sunday co-owners/designers Shea Hardiman + Kara Kochalko...

        Soul Sunday | New York NY | Made in USA


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