"Cahokia" Silver Cuff Bracelet

Hand-carved in Santa Monica, California

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  • This modern, organic cuff is first hand-carved in wax then cast in sterling silver. Tool marks are intentionally left in place to give the impression of a vintage talisman.

    The equilateral triangle is one of the most powerful geometric symbols that exist, and serves as a reminder to maintain balance between body, mind and spirit. This piece can be worn facing upward to invoke wisdom, knowledge, and sensitivity; or downward, as a reminder that the choices we make help create our destiny.

    "With Totemish, I aim to create natural pieces that are modern in spirit... yet serve as a symbol and reminder of your family or tribe."Designer M. Blair


    • Sterling silver; organic texturing
    • Dimensions: 2 1/2" (64mm) wide, 1 1/8" (29mm) high
    • All materials responsibly sourced
    • Made in USA


  • The use of chemicals and abrasive commercial cleansers should be avoided. Remove all jewelry before bathing or swimming.

    Sterling Silver will tarnish over time. Happily, ordinary toothpaste makes a terrific polish. Gently apply with fingers, soft cloth, or old toothbrush; rinse thoroughly with warm water.

    Oxidized Silver will develop highlights over time. This is normal. Wash with warm soapy water & soft, fuzz-free cloth.

    Metal Pieces with a satin finish will become increasingly shiny over time. This, too, is normal. Soap, water, and a VERY SOFT brush will take care of most cleaning needs, but take care: some metals (we're looking at you, gold) scratch quite easily. Use a soft, fuzz-free cloth to dry and buff.

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