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  • Reopening Saturday, August 24th
  • Faribault Woolen Mill Co.

    Buffalo Check Wool Throw

    Loomed in Faribault, Minnesota

    *** We are Currently Closed for Summer Restocking ***
    Reopening Saturday, August 24th


      • Dimensions: 50"w x 60"h
      • Weight: 1.6 lbs.
      • Material: 100% pure lambs wool
      • Color: Red + Black check
      • Care: dry clean only
      • Naturally stain, wrinkle + water-resistant
      • Made in USA



    • Wool is the original "miracle" fiber. It’s naturally stain, wrinkle and water-resistant so rarely needs cleaning. The best way to refresh woolens is to simply shake or gently brush and hang outdoors for a few hours.

      DRY CLEAN ONLY is recommended. You may also hand wash in cold water with a mild cleaning agent designed for wool. Line dry, taking care to rotate to prevent stretching. Iron on low only, if necessary. Do not bleach.

      Note: "Hand wash" does not mean the "Gentle" or "Hand Wash" cycle in a washing machine. Mechanical agitation can cause the fibers to interlock, so be sure to heed these instructions or significant shrinkage and changes in texture could occur.

      PILLING PREVENTION + REMOVAL comes into play when wool fibers become intertwined on the surface of the woolen as a result of wear, abrasion or even gentle use. The finer the wool, the more susceptible it is to pilling. The most effective way to remove pills is to use a lint brush or nylon-bristled garment brush in the same direction along the length of the woolen. Regular, gentle brushing can prevent most pilling.

      WRINKLE REMOVAL is a snap. Simply hang your item for an extended period and wrinkles will smooth out, usually within 24 hours. Woolens can also be ironed on a low setting or carefully steamed.

      MOTH PREVENTION is another snap, since most Faribault woolens are pre-treated to make them moth resistant. To keep it that way, brush your item clean -- or, if soiled, clean according to the instructions above -- and store in an airtight container when not in use for extended periods.

      Note: Cedar and herbal products offer limited protection, and only when the fragrance is very strong.


    • Faribault Woolen Mill Co.


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