Margaret Solow Jewelry

Apatite/Kyanite Gemstone Bracelet

Made by Hand in Santa Monica, California

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  • With an emphasis on organic, natural beauty over "flawlessness", and made start to finish by hand in her light-filled Santa Monica, California studios, designer Margaret Solow’s minimalist yet undeniably feminine aesthetic is a perfect match for the elemental beauty of these lovely gemstone bracelets. Size: 7".

    Margaret’s deep commitment to responsible manufacturing practices includes using only sustainable & conflict-free raw materials to create her one of a kind line of handcrafted jewelry.

    "Art, travel, philosophy, and nature are all inspirations for my work. Whether it's a modern painting, a bird resting on a branch, or the Japanese philosophy of 'wabi-sabi' -- the acceptance of transience and imperfection -- I seek to distill every element into the simplest visual form."Designer Margaret Solow


    • Sterling silver clasp
    • Size: 7" (178mm)
    • Made in USA


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    Margaret Solow Jewelry | Santa Monica, CA


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