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  • Margaret Solow Jewelry

    Blue Rough Turquoise + Sterling Silver Bracelet

    Made by Hand in Santa Monica, California

    *** We are Currently Closed for Spring Cleaning ***
    Reopening Fri. April 26th

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    • Featuring a vibrant blue shade reminiscent of the skies of the American West, this radiant, minimalist bracelet features rough turquoise gems on a chic 7" espresso cord. Sterling silver clasp; tied with precision for durability, looks great worn solo, duo or trio.

      Designer Margaret Solow handcrafts effortlessly elegant pieces which showcase the unique natural beauty of each handpicked gemstone she chooses. Only sustainable components & conflict-free gemstones are used in all her handmade jewelry.

      "Art, travel, philosophy, and nature are all inspirations for my work. Whether it's a modern painting, a bird resting on a branch, or the Japanese philosophy of 'wabi-sabi' -- the acceptance of transience and imperfection -- I seek to distill every element into the simplest visual form."Designer Margaret Solow


      • Blue rough Turquoise gemstones
      • Sterling silver clasp
      • 7" espresso cord
      • Made in USA


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      Margaret Solow Jewelry | Santa Monica, CA


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