Hazel Village

Maurice Rabbit

Handmade in Brooklyn, New York

    • Special Limited Edition:
      100% Made in USA!

      As you can see, Maurice likes to dress well.

      If it's raining when he wakes up, he does indoor crafts or peels carrots so that his clothes won't get wet. If the weather is nice, however, he goes swimming in the pond. (But only when the water temperature reaches a minimum of 83.679 degrees fahrenheit.)

      Maurice himself is made of natural organic velour and measures 15"... if you count his ears. (He does.) Stuffed with pure American wool, his eyes & nose are hand-embroidered with cotton floss. When necessary, simply hand wash in warm water.

      As Maurice would say: "What's not to love?"

      Looking for one of Maurice's friends instead? 


      • Material: organic cotton fleece & striped cotton
      • Eyes + nose hand-stitched with cotton embroidery floss
      • Measures approx. 15" from feet to ears
      • Stuffed with American wool
      • Hand wash in warm water and air dry.
      • Handmade in Brooklyn, New York
    • Learn more about Hazel Village owner/designer Jane van Cleef and her gaggle of friends...

      Hazel Village, Brooklyn New York USA


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