Soul Sunday

"No Worries" | Aromatherapy Roller

Blended by hand in Boston, Massachusetts

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      • A sweet smelling combination of fine citrus essential oils that encourage a flow of creativity. A gentle dab to the temples, pulse points & third eye eases away tension and helps promotes an overall sense of well being.

        Also makes a perfect gift to a friend or loved one in need of a little stress reliever.

        • 1/3 oz. glass vial
        • 100% natural + vegan
        • Bergamot Essential Oil: refreshing, sophisticated citrus oil that calms and uplifts. A natural anti-depressant.
        • Lemon Essential Oil: a fresh and crisp anti-septic, helps boost immunity. Also known to aid in lowering blood pressure.
        • Clary-sage Essential Oil: evokes feelings of joy and euphoria. A natural anti-depressant.
        • Melissa Leaf Essential Oil: helps eliminate nervous energy. Also known to be a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent.
        • Contains absolutely no parabens, dyes or sulfates
        • Made in USA
        "We have a really organic process, follow our intuition and push ourselves to stay true to our mission. We love using a natural feeling color pallet that reflects both the colors in nature as well as the natural ingredients we use in our products." Co-Owners Shea Hardiman + Kara Kochalko
      • Learn more about Soul Sunday co-owners/designers Shea Hardiman + Kara Kochalko...

        Soul Sunday | New York NY | Made in USA


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