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    Ancient Hinoki Candle Collection

    Crafted by hand in Chicago, Illinois

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    • Admired the world over for it's ultra-soothing therapeutic effect, Hinoki Tree (aka Japanese Cypress) essential oil is a distillation of the centuries old scent of sweet wood smoke this highly revered timber is famous for.

      From Tatine's Manufactory des Fleurs Candle Collection, this exquisite box features a trio of custom hand-forged demitasse brass "pomander" candle cups infused with a tincture of essential oils responsibly + sustainably sourced from the Hinoki tree and other all-natural plant substances.

      Scent Notes: Earthly aromas of fir needle and sacred cypress trail beautifully underneath spicy black peppercorn which gives a sparkling kick to the zen forest blend. Rich dark patchouli and masculine vetiver layered with lime and ginger add savory middle notes. A distillation of natural warm and woody resins and rich spices topped with a green herbaceous bouquet of minty, grassy shiso round out the experience.

      Disperse the candles around your space to infuse the area with a delightful zen-like scent. Beautifully packaged, totally seductive + perfect for gifting.

      Founded in 2001 by Margo Breznik, Tatine Candles remains inspired by her deep passion for music, as well as the influence of flowers; naturally tranquil, reclusive, luxurious, and beautiful creations rich in spirit that add an intoxicating scent to any home.

      "The handmade process, while extremely labor intensive, is very unique -- it breathes life and soul into each piece we make. The products and fragrances are close to my heart, so having them made in our studio is a real passion project... I love saying the products are produced in Chicago, touched by human hands at least 20 times before they get shipped out."Margo Breznik/MCA DNA Interview


      • Contains: 3 hand-forged brass "pomander" candle cups
      • Size: 2 oz./each
      • Burn Time: 10 hours/each
      • Scent Notes: TOP - Lime, Ginger, Shiso; MIDDLE - Fir Needle, Pepper, Patchouli, Vetiver; BASE - Cedarwood, Cypress
      • Made with 100% all-natural GMO-free pure soy/vegetable wax blend & clean, long burning lead-free cotton wicks. No sulfates, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicones, EDTA, phthalates, formaldehyde or parabens
      • Made in USA


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