Margaret Solow Jewelry

Sterling Silver "Wabi-Sabi" Necklace

Handcrafted in Santa Monica, California

  • An homage to the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi -- a reflection of nature's unadorned beauty and acceptance of its transience and imperfection -- this one of a kind necklace is forged by dropping pure molten liquid sterling silver into water. 

    The resulting asymmetrical shape is utterly unique and can never be replicated.

    Paired with a strong 17" red cord symbolizing good luck and protection, that means whatever distinctive shape you receive... was meant for you.

    How fun is that?!

    "Art, travel, philosophy, and nature are all inspirations for my work. Whether it's a modern painting, a bird resting on a branch... I seek to distill every element into the simplest visual form."Designer Margaret Solow


    • Sterling silver "wabi-sabi" & clasp
    • 17" red cord
    • Made in USA


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    Margaret Solow Jewelry | Santa Monica, CA


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