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    Ines Hoop Earrings

    Handcrafted in New York, NY

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    • Modern, minimalist, and handcrafted in New York to ensure that no two of these double looping hoop earring are ever exactly alike.

      Carved by hand in wax then cast in brass, the top loop wraps over and rests on your ear lobe; the center loop makes a dramatic beeline straight through. Sold as a pair w/sterling silver posts, and makes a thoughtful, stylish gift.

      Size: 64mm (2.5").

      Founded in 2006 by designer Jennifer Sarkilahti, and influenced by her background as a fine artist, Brooklyn-based Odette New York is inspired by organic and geometric shapes, ancient symbols and primitive forms.

      With a focus on tactile surfaces, each design begins from a pencil sketch that is carefully carved by hand into wax before being cast into metals as varied as recycled sterling silver and 14K gold, brass, diamonds and gemstones.

      "I don’t impose trend limitations on myself. I keep a running sketchbook and sticky notes next to my bed. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and sketch. When it’s time to design a new collection, I pull everything together and see what works."Jennifer Sarkilahti (in The American Edit)


      • Double loop hoop earrings; carved by hand in wax + cast in brass
      • Size: 64mm (2.5")
      • Due to handmade nature of the materials, color, shape & minor details may vary slightly from item to similar item 
      • Maintenance: keep earrings clean + dry; store in an airtight container. Use a treated polishing cloth to restore luster.
      • Made in USA


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